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Daniil Trifonov

Sunday November 3 2019

20.15 h – Main Hall – Royal Concertgebouw

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Alexander Skjrabin 8 Etudes, op. 42
Sonate nr. 9, op. 68 ‘Black Mass’
Ludwig van Beethoven Sonate nr. 31 in As gr.t., op. 110
Sergei Prokofjev Sonata no. 8 in B-flat major, op. 84

Programme subject to change

Category 1 €65,00 – CJP/65+ € 48,50
Category 2 € 51,00 – CJP/65+ € 38,50


Daniil Trifonov – Intriguing, stubborn and overwhelming

Trifonov has to return soon after his exciting debut in September 2013 and his perhaps even more impressive second and third performance. Wenneke Savenije wrote about him: “Imagine a white feather that flutters in the wind. Due to its weightlessness the feather graciously follows the movement of the air streams, the direction in which the wind blows and the speed with which the air travels. There is hardly any weight, no resistance, no blockage. The feather obeys the “will” of the wind. With its white surface that catches the sunlight it reflects all colours of the rainbow during its journey through the sky. It may sound a bit woolly, but something like this happens with every note the Russian piano talent Daniil Trifonov elicits from the grand piano. The musical wind ascends from the score and determines direction, tempo and expression. Trifonov lets himself, without offering any resistance, to be moved along by the composition, and maintains a delicate balance, as the ideal mediator between the composition, the piano and his own innermost emotions.” The international press praised his most recent CD with the Second and Fourth Piano Concerto of Rachmaninov as iconic.

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