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Yuja Wang

Sunday March 29 2020
20.15 h – Main Hall – Royal Concertgebouw

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Yuja Wang:  Rare ease of performance and deeply rooted musicality

 “Yuja, come back soon,” the critic of Trouw pleaded, after her debut in 2013. Because of her full schedule—Yuja has quickly become a world star—we had to wait three years before she could return. She closed the 29th season of the Meesterpianisten series with a memorable performance of Beethoven’s Hammerklavier Sonata. Her third recital in April 2017 was also a summit of technical and musical refinement.

Trouw: “In virtuosity Yuga Wang clearly surpassed almost all her contemporaries. More importantly, she showed that besides disposing of a unique technique and a rare ease of performance, she also possesses a deeply rooted musicality, and a feeling for style, a superior intelligence and good taste. In other words: “Yuja Wang is a very special natural talent!”

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