Serie Meesterpianisten - Grote Zaal - Concertgebouw Amsterdam - Photo: Dennis Sies

Master Pianists series discontinued after 33 years

After 33 years the curtain falls for the Master Pianists series in the Royal Concertgebouw. We have to throw in the towel. The limitation of concert audiences to a maximum of 350 seats for each event, in a hall seating 2,000 people at full capacity, presents us with unsurmountable problems.

After 33 years full of pianistic prowess and musical splendour, this recent development has forced us to put a stop to one of the most prestigious concert series in the world, the Master Pianist series in Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw.

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All concerts in the 2020-2021 season of the Master Pianists series have been canceled.

Ticket buyers of these concerts will soon be further informed by the Concertgebouw about the settlement.

Due to limited office capacity, ticket buyers are requested to wait for this information and not to contact them themselves.