Dear sir, madam,

Recently was decided to cancel all concerts  in the Royal Concertgebouw, including those of the Master Pianists series, have unfortunately been cancelled until September 1, 2020. In view of this very exceptional situation, we are at this stage unable to provide more information about the procedures concerning already purchased concert tickets. Due to the great impact of these developments on our organization, we ask you not to contact us. We ask for your understanding for this situation. As our valued subscribers and ticket buyers, we will of course inform you as soon as we know more. Up-to-date information can be found on the royal Concertgebouw website.


We further want to inform those who consider calling the ConcertgebouwSerielijn (020-3059977) with questions about the renewal of  your current subscription, that  the ConcertgebouwSerielijn (020-3059977) is currently not staffed, due to the situation surrounding the Corona measures. You will hear a message with information about how to order.
The prolongation period has been extended until Wednesday April 1 2020.


This time demands creativity from all of us. Now that all concert halls are closed, some master pianists have decided to give house concerts via a live stream. We are grateful to Igor Levit and Boris Giltburg – both still to perform in this season’s series of Master Pianists – for sharing their musical ‘cri de coeur’ with us.

Watch Igor Levit  LIVESTREAM via Twitter

Watch Boris Giltburg LIVESTREAM via Twitter

We hope to see you soon and in good health at our concerts!

Kind regards,

Riaskoff Concert Management

Marco Riaskoff

Managing Director