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Master Pianists series 2018-2019

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Simply order your season ticket(s) for the thirty-second season online.

Browse online through the (Dutch) brochure:



You may extend your present season tickets arrangement, from the end of February to the end of September for the new season, or order new season tickets according to your choice.  do you wish to prolong your current season tickets, or want to order new season tickets for the 2018-2019 season?

You may do so for the series A and series B until Sunday September 24. Seasons tickets for the series C may be prolonged until October 6. The brochure gives information about how to prolong or order. A simple way is to order via the site of the Concertgebouw online. Or you may order by telephone, through the Concertgebouw telephone number: 0900-671 83 45 (this costs € 1, plus usual telephone charges).

A prolongation of your season tickets allows you to order tickets for the Extra Concert in March 2019 with living legend Martha Argerich with up to 25 percent discount (max. 2 tickets for each season ticket holder).


Supplement your B- or C-series to a complete series and enjoy the same privileges as an A-series holder: 30 percent discount on all single ticket prices, and also receive a dinner check for restaurant Brasserie Bark.

You may upgrade in two ways:

  1. Prolong  your current B- or C- arrangement (and keep your seats for this half of the series) and place, before paying, your order for the other half of the series (C or B) in your shopping basket. The price for the two half series is automatically adjusted to the price of the complete series A.
  2. If you do not want to keep your present seats, you may also order a completely new Series A with other seats (in this case do not prolong your current half series; note that your current seats will no longer be available to you.)

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